The era of the private jet is very much alive in the world of millionaire dating, where flying to Paris for a night is a rom-com reality

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Flying dates on private jets to dinner in Paris is a real thing among millionaires.
I talked to six matchmakers who work with millionaires about the elite dating world of the super-rich for Business Insider’s month-long series, “Dating Like a Millionaire.”
Nearly all mentioned their clients had taken dates on a private jet trip across the world.
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The allure of the private jet among the rich is very much alive — especially when it comes to date night.

That’s according to several of the six elite matchmakers I talked to for Business Insider’s month-long series, “Dating Like a Millionaire,” who play cupid for high-net-worth individuals — from royals and celebrities to entrepreneurs and CEOs. They all work with clients locally and globally, who have a net worth ranging from the low millions into the billions.

As the matchmakers detailed the lavish dates their clients had been on, I noticed a common trend: Many of these dates involved private jets, most commonly to Paris. I always thought being whisked away on a private jet to a romantic dinner in the city of love was nothing more than a plot point in rom-coms, but apparently it’s a real thing for millionaires.

“Cocktail hour in the sky, landing, checking into a suite at the Ritz to find a very ‘Pretty Woman’ moment of diamond necklace and earrings from Graff on loan for the evening, and a red Valentino gown on the bed fit for a true princess,” Amy Andersen of Linx Dating in Silicon Valley told Business Insider, describing in detail a private jet date to Paris she’d set up. “And a private dinner on a chartered cruise up the Seine river.”

The cost of this outing was included in Andersen’s $250,000 VIP …read more

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