All of the reasons you should — and shouldn’t — look at your date’s social media before going out

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Before going out with someone, many people look up their date online to learn more about them.
Searching online for information about your date comes with pros — for starters, you can better verify that the person you’re meeting is who they say they are.
But looking your date up online comes with some cons. It can lead to misinformation or it might make it tough for you to keep an open mind when you meet them.
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It can be tempting to get the down-low on a potential match by scoping out their online persona, but meeting someone in person can often tell you worlds more about someone than their digital trail.

To find out the pros and cons of looking up your date online, INSIDER spoke to dating and relationship expert Sameera Sullivan and best-selling author and relationship expert Susan Winter.

Here’s what you need to know before you do an online sweep for information about your date.

Looking up your date can help you verify that the person you’re planning to meet is who they say they are

For safety reasons, it’s always wise to verify the identity of your date before you meet up with them. Unless you know your date’s friends or family in real life, you might have to rely on search engines like Google to gather some information that can help you research who exactly you’re going to meet.

“The pros are you know who you’re meeting. You can see their social-media profiles. You can see if they’re legit,” Sullivan told INSIDER.

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With a quick search, you could also learn some handy basic information about the person you’re meeting

Knowing basic …read more

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