15 of the riskiest vacation hot spots in the world

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The US State Department lists dozens of countries on its travel advisories page, warning American travelers of dangers like sexual assault, robberies, and high rates of homicide.
In Jamaica, the US State Department warns of “violent crimes such as home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and homicides.”
In the Bahamas, US government personnel are prohibited from visiting some areas of the capital of Nassau due to crime.
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The US State Department regularly warns American travelers of dangers they may face abroad. Among its list of countries Americans are urged not to travel to are those with regular conflicts, like Yemen and Sudan. But those aching to get out of the States and travel might be surprised to find that some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations are under the department’s list of countries to “exercise increased caution” in.

That said, because a country isn’t on this list doesn’t mean you’re safe, and vice versa. Travelers should always be mindful of their surroundings while abroad.

Here are 15 popular tourist destinations the US State Department recommends Americans be wary of.

In the Dominican Republic, the State Department warns of crime. The country has also recently been in the news for several American deaths.

In the last few months, six American tourists have died in the Dominican Republic of various causes, and three claim to have been poisoned. One woman also claimed she was attacked at a Punta Cana resort in January.

According to the State Department, “armed robbery, homicide and sexual assault” are all a cause for concern in the Dominican Republic. However, resort areas, it says, tend to be better policed than urban areas like Santo Domingo.

The State Department warns of various crimes in the Bahamas, too.

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