Who gets drunk more often than Americans?


By Jack Guy, CNN
(CNN) — British people get drunk more than any other nationality, according to a new global survey.

The results of the 2019 Global Drug Survey, published Thursday, revealed that British respondents get drunk an average of 51 times per year.

Adam Winstock, an addiction psychiatrist and founder of the Global Drug Survey, told CNN that British respondents are drinking too much, too often, regarding getting drunk as the point of a night out as opposed to enhancing the evening.

“We have never grasped moderation — it’s not part of our culture or conversation,” he said. “We need to learn that more fun with better health and fatter wallets can follow from a bit less, a bit less often.”

And drinkers around the world should consider cutting down to benefit their health, said Winstock.

“Deaths due to alcoholic liver disease and cancer due to excessive alcohol consumption are on the rise along with obesity and poorer mental health,” he said. “Drinking too much makes all these worse — drinking less make them better.”

Researchers spoke to 123,814 people from more than 30 countries in preparing the report, and they found that people on average had got drunk 33 times in the past 12 months

Results reflect the number of times that survey respondents said they got drunk, rather than the amount of alcohol consumed.

Those from English-speaking countries got drunk most often, according to the report, while participants from South American countries got drunk on the lowest number of occasions.

UK respondents said they got drunk 51 times in the past year, compared with 50 times in the US, 48 in Canada and 47 in Australia.

Chilean respondents, on the other hand, reported getting drunk just 16 times a year, and Colombians 22 times.

Asked whether they enjoyed or regretted that drunkenness, more than 70 percent said they enjoyed …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Health


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