This futuristic flying taxi startup took a giant leap towards making $70 rides a reality within 6 years

Liliium concept flying taxi

Lilium, the German flying taxi startup, completed the first maiden flight for its prototype vertical take-off and landing electric jet.
Lilium has raised $100 million, last year applied for regulatory approval in Europe and the US, and hired its first CFO.
Flying taxis sound crazy, but chief commercial officer Remo Gerber says they might make more economic sense than ride-hailing firms like Uber.
Gerber thinks Lilium could offer $70 air taxi rides in Europe by 2025, but first it needs to solve issues around infrastructure and proving its aircraft are safe for humans.
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The next big transportation wave after on-demand taxis, scooters, and shared bikes might be the flying car.

German startup Lilium is among a crop of startups working on flying taxis — electric, on-demand aircraft that transport you around or between cities for the price of a long taxi ride.

If Remo Gerber, chief commercial officer of Lilium, has his way, you could be paying $70 for a space in a five-seater jet-powered electric aircraft to fly between London and Manchester by 2025.

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“We’re planning to sell you the tickets for your ride,” Gerber told Business Insider. “You download the app, you book it ten minutes in advance if you’re nearby, or perhaps for the next day… it’ll be a very user-friendly experience. Our full intention is to be a full operator, rather than selling the aircraft to private individuals.”

Elements of the model might sound familiar, even if the idea of a flying taxi still sounds insane. Gerber is a former executive at Gett, Israel’s rival to Uber. He and others in this space are essentially working to recreate the on-demand model for taxis, but with …read more

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