Letter: Safety risks of staff, volunteers of Santa Clara Valley Water District are heartbreaking

SJPD must do more to
back Valley Water effort

Re: “San Jose police to sweep local streams in new pilot program” (Mercurynews.com, May 13):

I was heartbroken to read about the safety concerns of employees and volunteers of the Santa Clara Valley Water District. I believe their stream stewardship activities are important and beneficial for residents of the county.

The increasing criminal activities are concerning for Valley Water employees and affect residents due to the potential of water contamination. Having volunteered for the creek cleanup of the former “Jungle,” I’ve seen firsthand the type of litter left behind that contaminates the creeks.

I believe the San Jose Police Department can do more to support Valley Water’s efforts. SJPD needs to actively patrol the area and focus on a positive change by reducing the number of homeless encampments for the safety of not only Valley Water employees, but for local residents.

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It is great that Valley Water is providing funds to aid in this program, but SJPD should already be actively patrolling such areas with high criminal activity.

Kelly Tran
San Jose

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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