The Marine Corps is still struggling to stop drill instructors from abusing recruits

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The Marine Corps is still grappling with issues of abuse among its drill instructors, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.
Documents detailing investigations into various incidents obtained by the Post revealed that Marine Corps drill instructors at Parris Island in South Carolina have been humiliating, physically assaulting, and even endangering recruits.
The Marine Corps has been trying to eliminate hazing, abuse and unnecessary cruelty from its training centers since the death of Raheel Siddiqui three years ago, but the problem persists.
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The US Marine Corps continues to grapple with hazing at its storied recruit training center at Parris Island in South Carolina, where the service punished at least eight drill instructors and a number of officers for abusive behavior last year, the Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing multiple internal investigations.

The incidents uncovered by the Post involved female drill instructors in the 4th Recruit Training Battalion mistreating female recruits. Battalion drill instructors reportedly humiliated, physically assaulted, and even endangered recruits.

These incidents come despite the Corps’ best efforts to curb these unacceptable and dangerous practices.

In one situation, a drill instructor allegedly made a recruit put “feces soiled underwear” on her head.

The DI acknowledged the incident but stressed that the dirty underwear, which the recruit reportedly left under her bed, did not contain any feces. “I was speaking hypothetically and failed to handle the situation with a clear mind through frustration,” the drill instructor said, according to documents obtained by the Post. “I was not trying to embarrass the recruit and more so wanted her to understand why and how it wasn’t acceptable.

That incident, which occurred in May 2018, sparked an investigation, one that came on the heels of another investigation following reports that a drill instructor had “roughed up,” as the Post described it, several recruits, …read more

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