Letter: Good news a welcome respite from DC sludge

Good news a welcome
respite from DC sludge

I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but it sure is nice when there is a good news story on the front page.

A couple of days ago there were two: “Rare frogs take a giant leap for endangered species” and “Students learn about history, math and the housing crisis” (both Page A1, May 6). And the next day there was an article titled “Ready for some adventure? Spring fever hits the Sierra” (Page A1, May 7). And then another the following day: “Dam’s gone — so how are the steelhead trout doing?” (Page A1, May 8) which detailed the recovery of steelhead trout and the other many benefits as a result of the “largest dam removal project in California history.”

The beautiful colored photos on all of them were also a treat.

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We need to hear these good news stories as counterpoints to the daily political sludge coming out of Washington, DC.

Shirley McGrath
Walnut Creek

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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