Letter: Are Sacramento Democrats at odds with DC Democrats?

Sacramento Democrats at
odds with DC Democrats?

The juxtaposition of this Sunday’s front-page headlines versus last Sunday’s headlines speaks volumes about politics and politicians.

The May 5 front page announced “Dems offering green policies.” And a May 12 front-page story, “Land locked” noted the precipitous drop in protecting redwood forests, sandy beaches and historic sites by Sacramento over the last 10 years.

Protecting carbon-absorbing forests from development is one approach to combating climate change. It appears Sacramento Democrats are out of sync with national Democrats on environmental protection.

The Green New Deal proposes investment in high-speed rail as part of an effort to overhaul transportation systems in the United States, thus reducing carbon output.

Sacramento Democrats are truncating a high-speed rail project, thus maintaining the status quo reliance on carbon-emitting cars and airplanes.

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When it comes to politics, actions speak louder than words.

Steve Hill

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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