18 of the most annoying requests wedding guests have made

Redditt users shared the most annoying wedding guest requests that invitees have made.
One of the chief annoyances? Guests giving themselves plus ones, when they weren’t granted a guest.
Other outlandish requests include requesting 10 plus ones and asking for a receipt for an RSVP.
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From selecting a venue to searching for the perfect dress, wedding planning can be a stressful adventure for any recently-engaged couple. According to a survey conducted by wedding registry website Zola, 71% of respondents said that wedding planning was more stressful than buying a home or finding a job. So, that’s saying something.

However, one of the most challenging issues that can arise during the wedding-prep process is trying to accommodate everyone on your guest list. While a wedding should be all about the couple getting married, some guests think they are entitled to having things done their way. We’ve rounded up the 25 most annoying requests wedding guests have made so you can see for yourself.

‘On the wedding day, ZERO of the 10 showed up’

“A family member on my husband’s side asked if they could have 10 seats, rather than the three they had RSVP’d for. Even though it was only a couple weeks away from the big day, it was no biggie, actually. I didn’t know his family well and thought it’d be nice to meet more of them. So we added seven meals and seats to our total and gave them their own table.

“On the wedding day, ZERO of the 10 showed up. No notice, no excuse. They were the only guests to not attend. In hindsight, it’s annoying and a ridiculous request. Thankfully on the day of, we didn’t notice/care.” Redditor jumbledash

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