AN UNLIKELY REVOLUTIONARY: How Tristan Harris went from working at Apple and Google to consulting with heads of state about how to reform Silicon Valley (FB, GOOGL)

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In recent years, Tristan Harris has become one of the most prominent critics of the tech industry.
Harris got his start with a presentation he made while at Google highlighting the techniques it and other tech companies used to manipulate customers and dominate their attention.
In recent years, he’s been consulting with policy makers worldwide as they’ve investigated the tech industry’s influence on society and started exploring ways to counter it.
Harris spoke with Business Insider about his work and why he started to speak out against the industry’s practices.
Harris was named to Business Insider’s list of the 100 people transforming business. See the full list here.

Over the last six years, Tristan Harris has forced us to think differently about the devices and digital services we use every day.

First as a product manager at Google and later as an outside critic of the tech industry, he’s shone a light on what’s been called the attention economy, the way our phones and apps and web services are constantly diverting and distracting us.

It took years for his critique to spread. But boy has it.

News that Russian-linked provocateurs had hijacked Facebook and other social media sites to spread propaganda during the 2016 election helped boost his profile. So too did reports that social media was leading to a significant uptick in depression among kids. Since then, Harris has found a ready audience ranging from everyday citizens to heads of state wanting to better understand how tech companies are manipulating or being used to manipulate their customers.

Harris, who cofounded the Center for Humane Technology to develop and promote ideas for reforming the tech industry, has already made a mark on the industry. Features such as Apple’s Screen Time, which iPhone owners can use to set limits on how much they use their devices and …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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