New Zealand attack: Boundless racism, zero remorse

By Marc Fisher and Joel Achenbach | Washington Post

The alleged shooter in the New Zealand mosque massacre was a globe-trotting young Australian and avowed racist who immersed himself in an Internet subculture of extreme anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, white supremacist ideology.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, was captured and arrested Friday in Christchurch, where he is alleged to have shot and killed 49 people in terrorist attacks on two mosques a few miles apart. He was charged with murder and appeared in court on Saturday.

Tarrant had no criminal record and was not previously known to investigators who follow extremist groups. Australia’s prime minister said authorities were investigating a detailed, lurid guide to Tarrant’s plans, ideas and inspirations, a 74-page manifesto that was left behind after the attack and on a Twitter account Tarrant created three days before the shootings. The account had zero followers until after Tarrant’s name circulated after Friday’s assault.

The alleged shooter wanted the world to see what he’d done: He apparently posted links on Facebook that connected to live video of the massacre from a camera mounted on his body. The video showed unspeakable slaughter as the shooter moved through the house of worship, saying nothing, shooting as many people as he could.

The manifesto indicates that he moved to New Zealand to stage his attack, which he had been planning for two years. His aim, he said, was to defend “our lands” from “invaders,” to “reduce immigration rates” and to deepen division and start a civil war in the United States.

After his father died in 2011, Tarrant, a former fitness trainer who gave free lessons to children in the Australian town where he grew up, spent several years traveling around the world, to places where a white Australian was a distinct minority and a white supremacist was surrounded by people he …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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