The top foods nutritionists swear by to be your healthiest self — and 2 they’ll never touch

drinking orange juice

There are lots of great snacks that nutritionists swear by, including nuts, cheese, crunchy vegetables, fatty avocados, creamy yogurt, and savory hummus.
But juice is terrible for your body, and sugar in liquids of all kinds is basically a nutritionist’s worst nightmare. If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet, eating some fruit or a piece of dark chocolate is a better strategy.
Nutritionists also recommend avoiding all hyper-processed packaged desserts that comes in a wrapper, like a mass-manufactured cookie loaded with preservatives.

Nutritionists are not here to torture you. Dietitian Jason Ewoldt from the Mayo Clinic says when it comes to healthy eating, deprivation is not a winning strategy.

“We try to enlighten people about the foods they should be focusing more on, instead of restricting,” he previously told Business Insider.

Likewise, Sharon Palmer, dietitian and author of the book Plant Powered for Life, encourages people to enjoy eating healthy whole foods, like fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Both Ewoldt and Palmer agree it’s important to remember which foods are actually providing the key nutrients that help get our bodies through the day. These foods help keep us full quite naturally, by virtue of the fact they contain beneficial amounts of fiber, fat, and protein.

Here are the two foods nutritionists agree it’s best to avoid, and some that they recommend.

Drinks loaded with sugar don’t do anything beneficial for your health

The first one is pretty straightforward: sweet drinks.

Just because you don’t drink soda or sweet tea doesn’t mean you’re not at risk for health problems including weight gain, heart disease, and gout. Sugary mocha coffees and sweet blended beverages like smoothies and frappuccinos are also loaded with sugar.

“There’s some pretty …read more

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