The terror in New Zealand is borne of the same far right ideology taking hold in Europe

In this social media age, the far right is one small community, united in purpose and action but merely fighting on different battlefields.

The news of a devastating terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, is heartbreaking. The deaths of so many people, of all ages, simply engaging in practising their faith, is hard to comprehend.

Another set of lives, and families, destroyed by an ideology of visceral hatred. The depravity of the killer is only underlined by the fact that he live-streamed the attack.

Depressingly though, this act of savagery only further highlights the increasingly violent impact of anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The man who posted the videos online tried to cloak himself in the façade of normality, describing himself as “just a ordinary White man.”

In fact, he was a self-confessed “eco-fascist”. He praises Oswald Mosley and the Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011.

Shortly before the attack he, like his hero Breivik, posted a document online that used stock phrases from the alt-right to justify the murders. He talked of “white genocide” and cited spurious statistics about birth rates to explain away the savagery of his actions. As if anything could justify such mass murder. The document is called the “Great Replacement”, a phrase widely used in Generation Identity circles, a network close to British far right figures such as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson).

Violence, terrorism and murder are part and parcel of his rationale. Through his murders, he wanted to “mobilise a race war and revolution.”

In the days to come, politicians might face a question: could this happen here? The stark and challenging reality is that the shooter appears to have taken inspiration from an attack in the UK. He specifically name checks Darren Osborne, who killed one person and injured others when he drove a van into …read more

Source:: New Statesman


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