‘The OA Part 2’ takes Netflix’s most confounding show to new heights and is destined to be divisive

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The first season of Netflix’s drama series “The OA” ended on a controversial and divisive note.
The new season (“Part II”) starts out extremely strong, with three episodes that are better than anything we saw from the first season.
But the show takes a turn into mystifying science fiction that is sure to leave people once again debating its brilliance and strangeness.
“The OA Part II” premieres on Friday, March 22.

Late in 2016, Netflix surprised everyone by dropping a brand new series called “The OA.” With Brad Pitt on the list of producers and a mesmerizing trailer about a missing blind girl who is found with her sight fully intact, buzz quickly grew around the series.

But those who tuned into the sci-fi series often found themselves in one of two camps: Either “The OA” was one of the most profound and unexpected TV shows they’d seen in a long time, or they thought it was completely absurd and a waste of time.

After reviewing six of the eight episodes which make up “The OA Part II,” INSIDER can confidently say those feelings are bound to be exacerbated by the new storyline. The series’ risky and experimental narrative choices are both expanded upon and made more grounded in its second season.

Why you should care: “The OA” is one of the most compelling and unique Netflix original series ever made.

If only to be in on the conversation, “The OA” is worth watching. But beyond that, it has more than earned its unique place in the Netflix catalogue.

Co-creators of the series Brit Marling (who also serves as the show’s star) and Zal Batmanglij have crafted a compelling sci-fi series that defies normal expectations of a TV show. …read more

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