Rescinded admissions, a class-action suit: Fallout from college scandal spreads

By Moriah Balingit, Nick Anderson, Susan Svrluga and Devlin Barrett |The Washington Post

The University of Southern California rescinded the admissions of a half-dozen students, and several other colleges and universities pledged to take a closer look at their admissions processes as fallout continued from an admissions scandal that implicated coaches, athletic department administrators and 33 wealthy, well-connected parents who allegedly schemed to get their children admitted to prestigious colleges.

A class-action lawsuit was filed Wednesday on behalf of applicants who were denied admission to several universities affected by the scandal. It alleged that those schools failed to take adequate steps to safeguard against fraud, depriving the applicants of a fair shot. And it emerged that the genesis of the FBI investigation came when an investor tipped off agents to the admissions scheme after he was caught committing securities fraud.

On Tuesday, 50 people were charged or indicted in connection with the scheme, including actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and Loughlin’s husband, clothing designer Mossimo Giannulli. Other parents charged include the owner of a Napa Valley winery, the wife of an NFL legend, high-ranking lawyers, private equity investors, real estate moguls and a media company owner. Some of those charged have already faced consequences: The Hallmark Channel announced it had dropped Loughlin from all future projects, and William McGlashan, who allegedly bribed a USC official to get his son admitted as a recruited athlete, stepped down from TPG Growth, a private equity fund.

Questions remain about what will happen to the college students who were admitted under circumstances being scrutinized by the FBI. According to the criminal complaint in the case, their parents paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to submit fraudulent test scores and fake athletic credentials on their behalf. Prosecutors say that with the help of a corrupt college consultant, the …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Nation, World


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