People are sharing stories of times their parents lied to them about their health, and it’s extremely relatable

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People are sharing stories about their parents waiting to tell them about major health events on Twitter.
TV writer Ariel Dumas had shared a joke about it happening, and people noted how relatable it was.

People are sharing stories about times their parents didn’t tell them about major health events until after they occurred, and the stories are extremely relatable.

TV writer Ariel Dumas had first shared a story on Twitter about a mom telling her kids that their father was in the hospital “last week but he’s fine now.”

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She pointed out in a follow up tweet that it was a joke, but people have noted how accurate her comment was, and are sharing moments their parents withheld information about major health events from them.

The lighthearted Twitter threat has gone viral, with people saying they’ve had similar conversations with their parents.

No one:

Your mom: your dad was in the hospital last week but he’s fine now

— Ariel Dumas (@ArielDumas) March 15, 2019

“Hey mom, whatcha doing?”
“Leaving the hospital”
“Your dad’s follow-up appointment”
“FOR WHAT?????!!!”
“He had a thing last month”

— samantha alexandra verdile but make it fashion (@samverdile) March 15, 2019

Mom: “Good talking to you! Oh, by the way, incidentally, I’m going to the hospital and getting my hip replaced with an artificial one next week.”
Me: What?!
Mom: ROBO-MOM! ????

— David Schenet (@DavidSchenet) March 15, 2019

several hours later i was able to get back in touch with her (after talking to my siblings who all got the same horrifying call) and got the story:

we had a stray cat problem in our neighborhood. my dad let our dog in the …read more

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