Will Disneyland charge more to ride Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions?

Will Disneyland end up selling Fastpasses for its new Star Wars attractions?

The thought of having to pay extra on top of the already expensive admission to get into the new Galaxy’s Edge land when it opens this summer at Disneyland might feel like being Force choked by Darth Vader. But Disney now is selling Fastpass reservations for its Star Wars-themed attractions at the Disneyland Paris Resort, and that’s making some fans wary about what the future holds in Anaheim.

Although Disney’s Fastpass ride reservation system remains free to use at its theme parks around the world, Disney has introduced upcharge options for the system at several resorts. At Disneyland, visitors can pay $15 a day for a Maxpass upgrade that allows them to use the official Disneyland app to get and manage Fastpass reservations. In Paris and Shanghai, visitors can buy ticket upgrades that include multiple Fastpass reservations, including the new “Star Wars Experience Plus” upcharge that Paris is selling for its “Legends of the Force: A Star Wars Celebration” event this winter.

Could Disney bring paid Fastpass options to its American parks someday?

Disney CEO Bob Iger boasted to Wall Street analysts earlier this month that Disney would not need to spend much money to promote Galaxy’s Edge. Everyone in the company seems to expect that eager fans will fill the land to capacity when it opens.

In fact, Disneyland has been pouring money into its “Project Stardust” effort to expand park capacity to handle the expected crowds. Disney also has introduced big price increases to its tickets and annual passes, as well as expanded blockout dates to Disneyland Park for annual passholders, in an effort to control the expected onslaught of fans.

Why not take the next logical step and just use paid Fastpasses to manage the crowds? If Disneyland sold all the …read more

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