What you should be eating for dinner, according to dietitians

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Overeating or eating the wrong foods can lead to trouble sleeping.
Three registered dietitians shared their specific dinner recommendations.
A balanced meal consisting of foods you actually enjoy will keep you satiated and less likely to reach for a late-night snack.

When it comes to dinner, overeating or eating too much of the wrong kinds of food can lead to trouble sleeping. On the flip side, a meal that is less than satiating can leave you wanting more and result in reaching for an unhealthy late-night snack even closer to bedtime.

INSIDER consulted with three registered dietitians to get their input on their favorite dinner choices.

An ideal dinner features a balance of vegetables, protein, grains, and healthy fat

Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, and author of “The No-Brainer Nutrition Guide For Every Runner,” told INSIDER that these components “help you stay full and avoid late-night snacking.”

“The ideal plate is one-half vegetables, a quarter protein, and a quarter starches, such as grains or starchy vegetables,” said Rizzo.

She listed grilled salmon with quinoa and roasted vegetables, and a vegetable bowl with brown rice and tofu as prime examples. Healthy fats can be incorporated by cooking vegetables in extra-virgin olive oil or adding avocado.

Make your one-pot dish a hearty side for your healthier meal

As nice as it is to have fewer dishes to wash, a one-pot dinner can increase your likelihood for reaching for something else later. Kathryn Riner, pediatric dietitian and founder of Healthy Kids Nutrition, encourages people to include more than one food at dinner.

“I know mac and cheese can be a family favorite,” said Riner. “[But] instead of having a one-pot meal, perhaps mac and cheese can be a side dish to chicken or salmon with broccoli. Cut up a few apples and serve milk as a …read more

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