Stephen Colbert: Trump’s ‘too dumb to understand how winter works’ but he’s woke ‘on snowperson gender identity’

“America could be sliding toward a new government shutdown,” Stephen Colbert said on Monday’s Late Show. Lawmakers are in talks, “but Trump might not wait for Congress to get his wall,” he said. “Remember the thousands of troops he sent down to the border because he couldn’t get his wall? Well, now the White House is saying they might declare a national emergency because they need the wall to protect the troops near the southwestern border.”

“Tonight, Trump took national security into his own hands by personally going to the border and yelling at it, giving a rally in El Paso,” Colbert said. El Paso was safe before the wall and it’s safe now, he added, suggesting Trump picked the city for his rally by “looking at his favorite taco products.” But mostly, Trump has been spending his days in “Executive Time,” tweeting, Colbert said. He defined “Executive Time” as “awake but not out of bed yet” but “also what Paul Manafort is serving.”

“Apparently, Trump spent a lot of his ‘Executive Time’ checking out his competition in 2020, like Sen. Amy Klobuchar, seen here announcing her campaign this weekend on either a nice day in Minnesota or a bad day on the ice planet Hoth,” Colbert joked. “Trump was not impressed,” trying to mock Klobuchar for “talking proudly of fighting global warming while standing in a virtual blizzard,” looking “like a Snowman(woman)!” Colbert found Trump’s sensitivity “so sweet, very nice, very thoughtful. For a guy who’s too dumb to understand how winter works, he is surprisingly respectful of snowperson gender identity.” Trump “also rehashed some racist greatest hits about Elizabeth Warren and in general was just terrible,” Colbert said, but he also told everyone to light up. “I …read more

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