Letter: Pelosi must persevere on Green New Deal, HR 763

Pelosi must persevere on
Green New Deal, HR 763

In “Liberal Democrats formally call for Green New Deal” (Page. A4, Feb. 9), it’s noted that “Pelosi has no plans to bring it to the floor for a vote,” perhaps because she is “mindful of her own past mistakes.”

Her cap-and-trade measure died in the Senate and the Republicans got political capital out of framing the measure as a “stealth tax hike.”

So Speaker Pelosi: Learn from your mistakes and try, try again!

Pelosi should use her enormous experience to craft and pass legislation that reduces the risks of climate change and spurs innovation and job creation… goals of the Green New Deal and of HR 763 — a nitty-gritty, revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend bill with bipartisan co-sponsors.

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Keep the momentum rolling. We can’t sacrifice the next generation to our own fear of failure.

Helena Bireckis
San Francisco

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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