“Let them eat spuds”: we should fear the Brexit Party – but not for the reasons you think

Nigel Farage surrounded by smug men after the EU referendum result.

Introducing yet another platform for hate.

So how is the new Brexit Party, championed by Nigel Farage, looking five days in?

Not great. Its leader, former Ukip candidate Catherine Blaiklock, has had Islamophobic, racist and classist remarks dredged up by BuzzFeed and from other online pieces.

“If these people [Muslims] really dislike it so much in the West, why do they chose [sic] to live here?” she wrote in a piece on her website last year, railing against the time a woman wearing a burqa delivered her Thai food takeaway in Detroit.

“I cannot talk or have a normal human interaction with anyone in a Burka,” she wrote in the same piece. “They might as well be in the next room or in a tent… With someone in a Burka, I can communicate less with them than I can with my cat.”

In other pieces, Blaiklock has also accused Muslim men of “impregnating white British girls to create Muslim babies”, claimed it’s “pretty well-known” that Muslims in the west think “Someday this will all be ours”, suggested pub closures in East Anglia are linked to the construction of more mosques, condemned “demented older black men” in Boston, and described her daughter as having “‘Mongoloid’ eyes”.

You can read her responses to many of these comments in BuzzFeed’s report. She seems to stand by them.

One of her solutions to the NHS crisis is for hospital patients to purchase their own sheets, food and drugs, as happens “if you go into hospital in Nepal”.

“Obviously such a scheme is ‘unthinkable’ here, but why?” she asks in her column on the Conservative Woman website, spotted by openDemocracy editor Caroline Molloy.

In another Conservative Woman piece, she offered some answers to Britain’s hunger and food bank crisis: cheap potatoes from a …read more

Source:: New Statesman


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