How to clear the cache on your iPhone and make it run faster

iPhone 6s Plus

Clearing your iPhone’s cache is easy maintenance that you should make a regular priority, as a cluttered cache could be the reason your iPhone is slow.
You can clear up space on your iPhone’s cache by manually deleting information from your individual apps and browser, or by deleting and reloading apps to automatically clear the cache.
Here’s an easy step-by-step process to clear your cache from Safari and third-party apps.

Ever wonder why your iPhone’s loading speed is slower than usual? Contrary to what you might think, it isn’t necessarily because your phone is getting old or because your network is slow. It could be that your iPhone is bogged down by too many useless files and app data, which likely means it’s time for you to clear out your cache.

Cached data encompasses all the files and images that your phone has hidden away in its memory. That includes passwords and scripts from previously-visited websites that your phone keeps handy for easy access.

In theory, the feature is supposed to make things easier and faster for you, because your phone doesn’t have to repeatedly ask you for your passwords and other information. While Apple hasn’t confirmed it directly, the general consensus of the tech community is that when your iPhone gets backed up with too much data, your phone’s cache can make the device run at slower speeds.

Clearing your cache can be a healthy habit to adopt to keep your phone operating at full capacity. Lucky for you, it’s a quick and easy process that even those who aren’t exactly iPhone savvy can do themselves.

So, if you feel your iPhone is in dire need of a spring cleaning, then follow these simple steps, starting with the app you probably …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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