Record snowfall socks in Seattle, and social media erupts

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Another week, another snow dump on the Emerald City. Seattle has now seen its snowiest February ever recorded — and more snow is expected this week.

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Sorry, snowbound Seattle: We couldn’t help teasing you!

“What a mess,” meteorologist Cliff Mass of the University of Washington told USA Today after 14.1 inches of snow graced this hill-bound city by the Sound, a city known for losing its cool when its streets get slippery. The Seattle Times headlines captured the wintry storm from all kinds of angles:

“Several more inches of snow and rain are expected by tomorrow.”

“Schools are closed, and Metro has scaled bus routes way back.”

“Fun (?) fact: It’s the snowiest February ever recorded at Sea-Tac Airport, and we’re not even halfway through the month.”

“Need help filling yet another snow day? Check out some of the best places to ski and sled in Seattle.”

“Seattle’s school-bus troubles, which became even more nightmarish in the snow, have the schools chief vowing to ‘take action.’”

“Readers are expressing gratitude as the lights come back on.”

It’s enough to make you want to call in sick to work.

Have a social-media look at snowy Seattle right now:

Car with zero traction in the latest Seattle snow storm is bound and determined to make it up a hill near Northgate. #SeattleSnowMageddon2019 #seattlesnowpocalypse2019 #seattlesnow #wawx #KOMOnews #SoNorthwest

— Doug Pigsley (@DougPigsleyKOMO) February 11, 2019

A fresh few inches of snow tonight in #Seattle! Snow will be wrapping up this evening. We get a brief break Monday morning before a stronger storm hits us starting Monday afternoon. #wawx #wasnow

Source:: The Mercury News – Nation, World


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