Tipping the housecleaner and other holiday etiquette guidelines

By Paul F. P. Pogue, Angie’s List

In the hubbub of the holidays, small points of etiquette and responsibility can easily be overlooked. Tipping, thank-you notes and recycling top the list of things you might not think about that can still add a bit of cheer to your holiday season.

Should I tip my service professional?

If there’s a regular plumber, housecleaner or landscaper you rely on, you might wonder whether you should tip them during the holidays. Generally, tipping isn’t expected in the home service trades like it is in the restaurant and personal grooming industries.

Contractors tell us they don’t expect or count on tips because they already charge what they feel is a fair price for the work. That said, they do appreciate them. Tips are a great way to show your appreciation for work well done throughout the year.

If you’re tipping an employee rather than a business owner, make sure the company policy doesn’t forbid them from accepting tips. If you want to offer a different gift to your professional, consider writing a letter to the company owner praising the employee’s work. Or, write a positive online review.

What about thank-you notes?

In an age of email and smartphones, thank-you notes may seem like a thing of the past. But this means that a thoughtful, handwritten note carries more meaning now than ever. If you have kids, it’s good to get them started on a good habit early as well!

If you send notes, do so promptly, preferably within a week. Write short and to the point, but try not to be generic.

Be sure to mention the specific gift or action. A quick line about how you plan to use the gift would be appropriate: “The serving tray was very thoughtful, and I’m sure it will get plenty of use at …read more

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