Without saying it in so many words, Durant scotches the notion of a Lakers partnership with LeBron

It’s the NBA’s version of “Where’s Waldo?” In the NBA version, Waldo is named KD and the trick isn’t to find him, but to guess where he’ll turn up next.

More than a few people think — wishfully, it says here — that Kevin Durant, currently in the employ of the Warriors, will opt out of his contract next summer and join LeBron James on the Lakers.

Think again.

Not saying that it’s impossible, but a recent and comprehensive Bleacher Report story makes a strong case, with Durant’s help, that James will have difficulty finding a couple of high-powered sidekicks in his quest for a legacy-burnishing fourth NBA title.

“It depends on what kind of player you are,” Durant told Bleacher Report. “If you’re Kyle Korver, then it makes sense. Because Kyle Korver in Atlanta was the bulk of the offense, and he’s not a No. 1 option at all, not even close. So his talents benefit more from a guy who can pass and penetrate and get him open.

“If you’re a younger player like a Kawhi (Leonard), trying to pair him with LeBron James doesn’t really make sense. Kawhi enjoys having the ball in his hands, controlling the offense, dictating the tempo with his post-ups; it’s how he plays the game. A lot of young players are developing that skill. They don’t need another guy.”

If it really doesn’t make sense for a guy like Leonard to aspire to be one of LeBron’s back-up singers, having to ask permission for the keys to the basketball, it really doesn’t make sense for Durant.

But it’s not just style and strategy that would give Durant pause should he seriously contemplate a partnership with James.

“So much hype comes from being around LeBron from other people,” Waldo, er, Durant said. “He has so many fanboys in the media.”

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Source:: The Mercury News – Sports


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