Pac-12 officiating controversy: Emails show a conference in crisis, reaction from commissioner Larry Scott, presidents and ADs

The night he learned of a bombshell Yahoo report that would jeopardize the integrity of Pac-12 football officiating, Larry Scott began a series of email exchanges with campus officials that reveal a conference in crisis mode and a commissioner attempting to defuse the greatest controversy of his tenure.

The correspondences, obtained by the Hotline via public records request to a cross-section of universities, provide details on the flawed process that led to an untrained official influencing a replay decision.

Additionally, the emails illuminate the internal reaction to the controversy, show a deep concern about the media narrative and shed light on Scott’s plans to gain control of the situation.

“While this is the first time we have encountered this concern and criticism,” Scott wrote to the athletic directors the night the story broke, “and other conferences also involve conference staff in their replay review processes to varying degrees, this misperception and the resulting article is regrettable.”

The heart of the material obtained from five schools — several have yet to respond to the public records request, which was made in October — is a series of three emails from Scott that were sent over a 40-hour span and trace the evolution of the crisis.

Additional emails lend context on a variety of fronts.

*** The extra hand.

General counsel Woodie Dixon wasn’t the only untrained official involved in the replay review process at the command center in San Francisco.

A video administrator, Mike Ortiz, also participated, according to an email from Scott.

“Our Command Center review and collaboration process … includes includes on-site instant replay officials, as well as the instant replay supervisor and staff in the command center, including when present Woodie Dixon, (coordinator of officials) David Coleman and Mike Ortiz,” Scott wrote.

“… So while it is true that Woodie, David and Mike weigh in from time to …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Sports


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