In the event of a no-deal Brexit, it’s time to back the People’s Vote campaign

Carwyn Jones

And the options should include continued membership of the EU.

We are at a critical point in the Brexit negotiations. Yet, this week in Wales we have witnessed both the reality of the UK government’s continued woeful approach to the negotiations, and more worrying signs that they are still failing to understand what Brexit means for the future of the UK itself. German automotive components manufacturer, Schaeffler, has announced plans to close two of their UK plants, including one in Llanelli, citing continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

This move puts 550 skilled UK jobs at risk, 220 of which are based in Wales. That’s 220 Welsh families worried about their immediate future. It’s also a whole town concerned about the knock-on effect of such a large employer leaving the area.

This is uncertainty, worry and concern that could be avoided if we had clarity and confidence from the UK government that a deal will be struck that does not adversely affect businesses and their workforce.

Today I am at the British Irish Council – the last before we leave the EU next March. The BIC was established as part of the Good Friday agreement to foster improved relationships between the people of these islands. Continually, sadly, we have had to use these occasions to hold the UK government to account for failing to work in a manner that respects the reality of how devolution works.

Only this week in a hastily arranged seminar at the Wales Office, a further attempt was made to establish the idea of a centrally managed Shared Prosperity Fund – the UK’s preferred model to replace EU structural funds – in Wales and Scotland. This plan has been rejected several times by the devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland, and is completely contrary to the UK government’s claim that its …read more

Source:: New Statesman


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