15 foods you can eat past their expiration dates

milk and cereal

It’s a common misconception that the date printed on packaged food is a firm deadline for when you should toss it. In reality, one of the only items in the US with a federally-regulated expiration date is infant formula ― which is why “sell by” dates and “best if used by (or before)” dates are more of a guideline than a rule.

As Paul VanLandingham, a senior faculty member at the Center for Food and Beverage Management of Johnson & Wales University explained in an interview with WebMD, these numbers refer to food quality rather than food safety. While the former dictates how long a store should display a product to ensure its highest level of quality, the latter refers to long consumers should keep a product before it loses flavor or declines in quality.

When it comes to these 15 food items, you can disregard the date on the package.

You can keep dry, boxed pasta for one to two years past its printed date.

Dry pasta can be kept for one to two years past its printed date, according to Eat By Date. FoodSafety.gov, a food resource from the US Department of Health & Human Services, offers the same estimate.

Fresh (uncooked) pasta ― the kind you’ll find in the refrigerated section of the supermarket next to Italian cheese ― is only good for four to five days beyond the date printed on the packaging. When frozen, it will keep for six to eight months.

Cooked pasta, whether dry or fresh, can be kept for seven days in the fridge. In the freezer, it will stay fresh for six to eight months.

Breakfast cereal lasts six to eight months beyond the date on the box when it’s unopened.

When unopened, breakfast cereal can last …read more

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