A woman the same age as Idris Elba would be considered past her “best before” date

The average age of a “sexiest man” winner is 38, yet the average age of a “sexiest woman” winner is 30.

When you’re a child, all adults seem so old that you put them in one bracket marked “ancient”. Your parents? Ancient. Your grandparents? Same. They’re all so much taller than you, and none of them want to play with your train set: there’s really no difference between any of them.

This childlike way of viewing the world isn’t just restricted to kids. When it comes to our ideas around who is considered attractive, there appears to be similar thinking at play. Especially if you’re straight, and especially if you’re a man.

The announcement from US magazine People that Idris Elba is the sexiest man alive brought me an initial burst of joy. Idris, at 46, is undeniably sexy, and it’s excellent to see people recognising that men don’t need to be young in order to be a sex symbol. But after celebrating Idris’s win I was curious about the average age of the world’s sexiest women, so I did a bit of digging into it. And as a 34-year-old straight woman, it wasn’t great news for me.

The closest I can find to People’s award is Esquire’s “Sexiest Woman in the world”, which ran from 2004 to 2015. While the average age of a “sexiest man” winner is 38, with some guys managing to bag the title in their late fifties (hello Sean Connery and Harrison Ford), the average age of an Esquire sexiest woman winner is 30. The oldest on the list is Halle Berry, who won aged 42.

I doubt any of this will surprise you. If you’re a feminist you’ll have long been riled up by the fact that women apparently have a “best before” date when it …read more

Source:: New Statesman


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