Trevor Noah’s new Daily Show correspondent explains why young people don’t vote

In many parts of America, young voters are the Democrats’ key to victory in the upcoming midterms. Unfortunately for Democrats, that “one crucial demographic is unenthusiastic a.f.,” Trevor Noah said on Thursday’s Daily Show. “Old people vote twice as much as young people. To me that makes no sense, because young people have to live with the effects way longer,” he noted. “So the question is: Why don’t young people want to go to the polls? Well, to help us get our heads around this, we’re proud to announce our newest Daily Show addition, Senior Youth Correspondent Jaboukie Young-White.”

Young-White started his Daily Show career by joking about how old Trevor Noah is — and Noah’s 34. He complained about youth voter “suppression,” and when Noah hmm-mmmed about how disenfranchisement is a big deal, Young-White told him to stop focusing on “old-people sh-t.” Why do we still vote on paper, he asked. “Plus, now they want to require an ID? Where am I about to get an ID?” “Wait, you don’t have a driver’s license?” Noah asked. Young-White laughed, then cut deep: “Oh my god, Trevor, you are as funny as my mom said.” He said voting officials should check his Uber profile and offered a few other suggestions, and you can watch below.

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