More Parents Are Saying No To Vaccinating Their Toddlers

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The number of children under two years old who aren’t being vaccinated is on the rise.

A report by the CDC published Thursday analyzed the findings of a 2017 immunization survey for children aged 19-35 months. The report shows the number of unvaccinated children under two is increasing gradually over time.

Vaccinations for that age group include protection from preventable diseases like measles and whooping cough. `

There are a growing number of vaccine skeptics in the U.S. due to parental concern about safety and effectiveness. That rise has contributed to communities of children vulnerable to disease.

Some parents may fear that vaccines cause autism, but there is no link between immunizations and the disease.

Eighteen states allow parents to exempt their children from vaccines if they cite religious or philosophical beliefs. A study published in PLOS Medicine found Idaho had significantly more counties with unvaccinated children during the 2016-2017 school year than other states analyzed.

Uninsured children also had lower immunization rates. Overall, however, vaccination rates in the U.S. remain high.

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