Letter: Two competent, smart San Jose council candidates

Two competent, smart
SJ council candidates

I’m not happy when effective school board members seek another office. But at least in the case of Pam Foley, who serves on the San Jose Unified board, and Kalen Gallagher, who serves on the Campbell Union High School District board, voters will have a good choice between two competent, smart candidates for San Jose City Council District 9.

But then voters wouldn’t know that from a mailer against Gallagher by the Silicon Valley Organization PAC (formerly the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce). It’s is an ugly ad with vague, sensational headlines like “Kalen Gallagher sticking it to taxpayers” based on unsubstantiated, dubious claims that make me question the chamber’s motives and judgment.

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I haven’t decided who to vote for but did respond to the mailer by contributing to Gallagher’s campaign. Sadly, he’ll need money to counter this hit piece – and perhaps more to come.

John Fensterwald
Editor-at-Large, EdSource Today

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