Letter: Senate needs to appoint justices with a clean slate

Senate needs to appoint
justices with a clean slate

Re: “Kavanaugh confirmed, quickly sworn in; major Trump victory” (Eastbaytimes.com, Oct. 6):

Despite all of the sexual allegations, Brett Kavanaugh was still sworn in. Quite frankly, it looks like anyone can be a part of the Supreme Court.

I suggest a reform, in which the Senate appoints a Supreme Court justice with a clean slate. Extensive background checks and clearing of any negative allegations should be performed before finalizing the decision. Men and women would be able to trust our government and feel protected by the people that make decisions in our nation.

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Could you imagine future political leaders coming into power despite sexual allegations against them similar to those against Kavanaugh? The selection process for the judicial branch requires immediate action. Americans, let’s make our voices be heard!

Armando Serrano

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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