Letter: Prop. 4 key to state’s children’s hospitals

Prop. 4 key to state’s
children’s hospitals

I have advocated on behalf of children for over 40 years. As a member of the state Assembly, I authored legislation to cover 800,000 children who were previously uninsured, and I secured $100 million in funding to expand state preschool. I advocated for those measures because I believe children are the foundation of our society, and investments in their future are investments in our collective future.

This November, we have the opportunity to vote on Proposition 4, the Children’s Hospital Bond. I will be voting yes because Prop. 4 funding is crucial for the maintenance of our state’s world-class children’s hospitals.

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California’s 13 children’s hospitals, including Oakland Children’s, provide life-saving care to young people, regardless of a family’s income. They receive over 2 million visits every year, which means they provide a service that we cannot afford to neglect. I encourage you to vote yes on Proposition 4.

Wilma Chan
Alameda County supervisor

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