Letter: California’s children in poverty due to Democrats

California’s children in poverty
due to Democrats

Gavin Newsom’s newest ad points out that California has the highest number of children living in poverty of any state in the Union. Left unsaid is that we have the highest taxes of any state.

So how could this happen? Democrats have controlled this state for years now, from our congressional representatives, to our governor to the majority of our legislators and our mayors.

It has been on this Democratic watch that we have arrived at this point. Perhaps California needs to wake up and change leadership.

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The Democratic leadership is a proven failure; maybe it is time to see if the Republicans will be just as inept and as much a failure. The only obvious message is that we need to implement a change and perhaps we should start by electing anyone but Newsom. He’s been around throughout this failure. It is time to say good bye.

Clinton Collier
Walnut Creek

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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