The best advice billionaire AOL cofounder and investor Steve Case gives entrepreneurs is a truth about long-term success

Steve Case

Steve Case is the billionaire founding CEO of AOL and the head of Washington, DC-based venture-capital firm Revolution.
In an episode of Business Insider’s podcast “This Is Success,” Case said the best advice he can give to entrepreneurs is that building a productive team of people with complementary skill sets is of utmost importance.
He said the common saying, “If you want to go quickly, you can go alone. If you want to go far, you must go together,” captures a truth about the importance of partnerships to long-term success.

As the founding CEO of AOL, the first internet company to go public, Steve Case is an icon of the first wave of the internet. Case left AOL in 2005, and has since built a large portfolio of startups through his venture capital firm, Revolution.

He’s spent the past five years traveling the United States, often in a bright red or blue bus, investing in cities outside of the centers of American venture capital— Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston — as part of Revolution’s “Rise of the Rest” initiative. Whether it’s a place like Louisville, Kentucky or Salt Lake City, Utah, Case and his team don’t simply pass through for a day and drop off some money, but build long-term relationships with founders and local power brokers to ensure the startup scenes thrive.

And as he told us in an episode of Business Insider’s podcast “This Is Success,” the best advice he gives is, “It ultimately comes down to people and teams, that entrepreneurship is a team sport, it’s not about any one person.” He warns against the ego boost that can come from external expectations of the founder. “The founding CEO tends to get most of the attention, but it really is a team effort,” he said.

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