‘That’s an overreach’: Adobe and Salesforce promise marketers they can handle their every tech need — but brands don’t really want that

Marc Benioff

Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle are building out tech stacks that promise to handle all of a marketers’ data needs but some argue that splitting up responsibilities is a good thing.
Instead, some marketers would prefer to piece together their own set of partners like they do with advertising agencies.
Salesforce recently integrated Datorama into its marketing cloud to give brands a clearer vision of how they use data.
Other marketing-tech players want to be an alternative to marketing clouds — like Braze, which recently raised $80 million.

Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle are on a major crusade to either build out or acquire powerful tech stacks that promise to solve all of marketers’ data problems.

But there have been signs recently that brands are wary of getting married to any one single marketing platform.

The recent marketing tech M&A seems to signal consolidation is happening. The wave centers around these cloud titans filling in holes that help brands store and manage their data and then using data to run and measure targeted marketing campaigns.

For example, Adobe recently announced that it’s paying $4.75 billion for Marketo to integrate its automation software.
And Salesforce paid a reported $800 million to buy Datorama’s platform that plugs into its marketing cloud.

The theory is that that marketing cloud firms can fulfill all of a brand’s tech and data needs during every step of the so-called customer journey — the path during which people learn about a brand, become customers, and hopefully loyalists.

But in practice, marketers may not want to fork over everything to any one company because they could get locked into deals or services that don’t mesh with what they actually need. That is good news for new entrants.

“There must be dozens of comparable platforms right now,” said Pivotal analyst Brian Wieser. “There’s no one-size-fits-all solution — the industry will …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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