Hotline newsletter: What if Amazon, Facebook, etc., aren’t the best option for a new Tier 1 deal

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Scott talks about the future, boldly

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott recently gave an interview to Athletic Director U, a well-regarded site within the world of college sports administration.

Not surprisingly, Scott 1) emphasized the conference’s commitment to all-around excellence and 2) was bullish on the future of Pac-12 media rights.

One could argue that Scott wants to spin the narrative forward because the present is unflattering: The conference’s Tier 1 deals are set until 2024; there is no movement with DirecTV; and the Pac-12 Networks are stagnant, with limited viewership and revenue.

Scott’s essential point in the interview about the value of sports rights — that it will keep on climbing — is accepted throughout the media industry.

His optimism is partly rooted in the belief that the content giants of the internet will pursue live sports with keen interest and deep pockets.

“I am very confident that (Amazon, Facebook, etc), with bigger market cap than the traditional media companies, will prioritize sports and will be big bidders in future rights,” Scott told ADU.

Very confident. Prioritize sports. Big bidders.

Scott could very well be right, but there is no guarantee. In fact, the digital media giants have shown little interest in college sports to date. And at least one, Netflix, has pushed back vehemently against the notion that live sports (college or pro) are in its future.

“The outstanding question is, ‘When are the tech guys going to show up, and are they going to show up?’” industry expert Chris Bevilacqua, who advised the Pac-12 on its Tier 1 deal with ESPN and …read more

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