Peak Moss? Not yet say Zack’s admiring Ute teammates who already recognize his greatness

SALT LAKE CITY — As the foundation of the Utah offense in 2017, it may seem running back Zack Moss wouldn’t need to do much more than more of the same to help the Utes succeed in 2018.

But that’s not the way he sees it.

It’s not the way his teammates or coaches see it.

If 1,173 yards and 10 touchdowns was a great season, then the junior from Florida has the chance to be something truly special.

Offensive lineman Jackson Barton said the team’s leadership council sat down with Moss in the offseason to let him know how much more they thought he could achieve.

“We told him that his practice habits had to be a little bit better,” Barton said. “He didn’t take offense to that; he’s really taken to heart. We told him, ‘You can be the dude this year. And if you practice like the dude, you’re going to be the dude.’ I’ve seen him taking that mentality, and it’s helped him tremendously. I love blocking for that dude.”

“I’ve gotten smarter, faster and stronger. I’m just trying to evolve every day.”

Utah running back Zack Moss

Moss is so important to what the Utes will try to accomplish this year that he’s not going to participate in much of Utah’s live practice sessions this year. He said that bothers him some of the time, but he tries to focus on all the other aspects of the game – besides just making life painful for would-be tacklers – that he can work on during fall camp.

“I’ve been working with the young guys, working on individual stuff,” he said. “The game is more mental than physical.”

Moss’ coaches and teammates said the reserved but friendly young man has done something a lot of naturally talented athletes can’t do – pushed himself to improve after an …read more

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