Stephen Colbert sympathetically mocks White House concerns about Trump lying to Robert Mueller

President Trump “remains on vacation, but it’s a working vacation, because he’s still lying,” Stephen Colbert said on Thursday’s Late Show. According to one tally, Trump told 132 falsehoods last week, or 19 lies a day, almost five times his average, he noted. “Wow, that is impressive! How does he keep up that pace? Does he wear some sort of wrist tracker, the Fibbit?” Trump debuted some big new whoppers, and Colbert ran through some, conceding that with Trump’s “tendency to cheat on facts,” his lawyers — and Fox News pundits — have a point about him not sitting down to talk with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But Colbert had an idea: “He could not lie.”

Since “his lawyers know that’s not an option,” he added, they are gunning to neuter Mueller by severely limiting the questions he can ask Trump. Colbert offered an analogy: “Look, you can ask my client, Jeffrey Dahmer, about anything you want — other than murder and dinner.”

The Late Show dramatized the White House demands for Mueller’s questions.

Colbert moved on to the Oscars and Drake’s plan to trademark the phrase “God’s Plan,” not just for his song but also merchandise and a TV game show. “I can’t wait for God’s Plan the game show,” Colbert joked, imagining what might look like (and feel like: painful). “Still, hard to believe Drake is trying to trademark ‘God’s Plan,'” he said. “I mean, you have to wonder how the Almighty feels about that.” And the Late Show ceiling God came out and told him. Watch below.

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