Google security specialist booted from Vegas hotel over ‘threat’

Matt Linton’s Google job title is “chaos specialist,” but his job is actually to prevent chaos — not bring it down upon himself, as he did in Las Vegas this week.

At Google, Linton is responsible for responding to and analyzing security incidents, and he attended this year’s DEF CON computer-security conference in Vegas.

On Thursday night, security officers at the conference venue, Caesars Palace, kicked Linton out of the hotel and threatened him with arrest, he tweeted.

The eviction followed a visit from Las Vegas police, he said on Twitter.

So what would get a guy whose work involves policing threats at one of the world’s most security-conscious companies? Making a “threat.”

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“If I had the time, budget, and motive to launch really good attacks in Vegas, I would: Attack random Defcon nerds who are probably mostly broke and powerless,” Linton tweeted Tuesday, before adding a reference to attacking people at another computer-hacking conference in Vegas.

That tweet netted Linton a visit from Las Vegas police, whom he described as “nice.” The cops apparently bought his explanation that, according to another tweet from Linton, “‘Attack’ in this context refers to the theoretical risk of having ones phone hacked … It’s hacker lingo.”

End of story? Nope.

Caesars Palace security were not as understanding as the police, Linton said. Late Thursday night, security officers “evicted” him from the hotel at midnight for “threatening people,” he tweeted.

“Per their security director, they ‘Don’t take kindly to threats,’” he tweeted.

Security had with them a printout of the “attack” tweet that Linton assumed had been given them by police. The officers had no interest in …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Business


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