13 celebrities with a unique hidden talents

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At the end of the day, celebrities really are just like us, at least in some ways. When they’re not busy being fabulous, they spend their time doing the same things that we do. They eat, they sleep, and they even have hobbies to do in their spare time.

While some of our hobbies are as simple as scrapbooking and knitting, these celebs are into the more adventurous side-hustles of life — think tattooing, lion taming, and much more. We rounded up some celebrities with the most surprising hidden talents.

Mike Tyson races pigeons.

When he’s not busy battling it out in the ring, professional boxer Mike Tyson races pigeons. According to Newsday, Tyson has been racing pigeons since he was a child growing up in Brooklyn. He’s so devoted to professional pigeon racing that Animal Planet created a show focused on his love for the sport.

Justin Bieber is a master at the Rubik’s cube.

Justin Bieber is seriously talented at this favorite toy of the ’80s. The singer solved the nearly impossible puzzle within a mere two minutes. Watch the video and see for your own eyes.

Margot Robbie is an amateur tattoo artist.

Ok, “artist” may be a stretch, but the “Wolf On Wall Street” actress does have quite a habit of tattooing people. Robbie told The Cut that she’s done over 100 tattoos, including a group tattoo with her cast-mates of “Suicide Squad.” She also noted that she even owns a tattoo gun.

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