The Oscars are introducing a new category for popular movies — and people hate it

black panther

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced on Wednesday that the Oscars will have a new category for outstanding popular film.
It received widespread negative reaction, with critics saying that it was unnecessary.
They also say it’s insulting to think that popular movies can’t compete with less-popular critically acclaimed movies, and it’s an excuse to ensure “Black Panther” will receive a nomination.
The change comes as the Academy seeks to bolster declining viewership for the awards ceremony.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Wednesday that it’s introducing a new category for the Oscars: outstanding achievement in popular film.

The reaction to the change on Twitter was mostly negative. According to critics, popular films don’t need special recognition by the Academy — they’re already popular, and make oodles of cash. Some also speculate that the new category is a bid to ensure the blockbuster hit “Black Panther” wins in a major category, since superhero films are often fail to receive Oscar nominations. For many, the inclusion of this new category seems designed especially for movies — often action or thriller — that can’t win elsewhere.

In general, people think the category is just unecessary.

Is popularity not its own reward

— Richard Lawson (@rilaws) August 8, 2018

I am beyond disappointed in @TheAcademy’s decisions today to make the Oscar telecast 3 hours long by presenting certain categories off air and by adding a new category to reward Best “Popular” Film.

— Matt Neglia (@NextBestPicture) August 8, 2018

There is already an award for popular films. It’s called “money.” I have no particular problem with the other new Oscar moves–to insist on a three-hour show (whatever) and to move it a couple of weeks earlier …read more

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