PHOTOS: Brits angrily protest Trump on his first visit to the UK as president

trump protest

Donald Trump is in Britain — and a whole lot of British people aren’t too happy about it.

On Thursday, the US president began his first visit to England since taking office. But the reality TV star-turned-Republican politician is immensely unpopular in the UK, with major protests planned for his visit.

His itinerary is keeping him largely outside of London in an apparent attempt to minimise his exposure to protesting crowds (and giant balloons depicting him as an orange, phone-clutching baby, like the one being flown near Parliament). But some protesters are giving chase.

From his black-tie dinner in Oxfordshire on Thursday night to the location where he is staying, crowds have been gathering to voice their displeasure about the American president.

Near Blenheim Palace on Thursday, ahead of a black-tie dinner at the opulent location, crowds gathered to voice their displeasure at the American president.

Here are the photos …

Demonstrators gather outside Winfield House on Thursday, the official residence of the American ambassador to the UK, where Trump is staying.

Many protesters made no secret of what they thought of Trump.

Others looked to popular culture for inspiration in their criticism.

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