Letter: Why we need to pay attention to Trump’s lawbreaking

The growing record of
Trump’s lawbreaking

Another Court has ruled against the Trump administration, this time for denying asylum seekers the legal protections they are entitled to under the administration’s own rules (Damus v. Nielsen).

It’s tempting to downplay the administration’s irresponsible conduct like this, to dismiss it as an exception to its behavior. But everyone, including Trump supporters, should pay close attention to the growing record of the administration’s lawbreaking.

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Today those violations may involve a group Trump has vilified; tomorrow it might be you. Today, they are coming for immigrants; tomorrow it may be a group you or your family or friends belong to, targeted to serve the administration’s self-interest –– acquiring power and discrediting its enemies.

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The administration has repeatedly made clear it is not bound by law but will likely do whatever it takes to accumulate power or profit.

Bob Lane

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