7 ways the keto diet can affect your digestion

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The keto diet can have strange effects on your body, especially since some following the celebrity-favorite eating plan have experienced weird setbacks like the keto flu and foul-smelling keto breath. And while the diet has been said to have some positive effects on your skin and cholesterol levels, it’s equally important to consider the impacts it has on the your gut, as a big portion of our immune health is definitely found in this area.

To see just how the trendy low-carb and low-sugar diet influences your gut, we spoke to some physicians and nutritionists on the topic to see what to look out for in case you are trying the keto diet for the first time. Here are some of the pros and cons worth bringing up to your dietitian, if keto is indeed in the cards for you.

1. The low amount of fiber in the keto diet can be harmful to your gut.

“Most ketogenic diets are very low in fiber, and fiber is usually integral for gut health, as it is the food that good bacteria eat,” said board-certified physician Dr. Charlie Seltzer, M.D. The more we learn about gut health and the gut microbiome, the stronger the argument gets that gut health (which includes a diet of fiber-rich foods) is key to overall health, he suggested.

2. Severe carbohydrate restriction can have some negative gut setbacks, too.

Dr. Seltzer also suggested that severe carb restriction will likely cause significant constipation as well, making a keto diet detrimental to gut health. He recommended keeping this in mind (you’ll definitely want to discuss this first with a doctor or nutritionist) if you are thinking about trying the keto diet for the first time.

2. The diet can help maintain a healthy gut lining.

“The keto diet provides the gut …read more

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