Escalating contention prompts South Jordan theater to cancel March for Our Lives event

SALT LAKE CITY — Some Utah gun rights advocates traveling in a military-style armored vehicle emblazoned with Utah Gun Exchange are following March for Our Lives rallies and town halls along the Florida Coast to counter students’ call for stricter gun laws.

And the company’s plan to set up outside a panel discussion among Utah and Parkland, Florida, high school students at the Megaplex in South Jordan on Saturday prompted Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment to cancel the event at its theater.

The student movement grew out of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 17 people.

“We support important and respectful dialogue on any issue that impacts our community. When this event was initially booked, the full context wasn’t fully understood and now it appears to be escalating into a potentially contentious situation where additional security will be required,” according to a statement from Miller Sports & Entertainment.

The company is refunding the deposit and is offering March for Our Lives help to find another location.

“We are heartbroken and blindsided by this turn of events, and even more so by the inappropriate behavior and intimidation tactics by outside groups that led to these circumstances,” according to March for Our Lives statement.

All 500 free tickets for the event were gone.

The Utah Gun Exchange offered Tuesday to hold the event at its space in Sandy, but the student group declined because it already had a contract with the Megaplex.

March for Our Lives could reconsider, but Madalena McNeil, an adviser to the student group in Salt Lake City, said she and the Utah students wouldn’t feel comfortable there nor would she want to put shooting survivor David Hogg in front of a group that “can’t control its members.”

McNeil said the Utah students have a lead on another venue but are waiting for …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Top stories


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