A man was caught on film berating a woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt in America


Mia Irizarry was setting up for her birthday picnic at an Illinois park when a man began harassing her for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt.
The man asked Irizarry if she was “educated” and told her she shouldn’t be wearing a “shirt like that” in America, despite the fact that Puerto Rico is an unincorporated US territory.
Irizarry managed to film the incident, which also showed a park police officer standing by as the man continued to harass her.

Last month, Mia Irizarry was setting up picnic tables at an Illinois park to celebrate her 24th birthday when a man began harassing her for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt.

The confrontation, which took place at the Forest Preserves of Cook County, was caught on video and later posted to Facebook on July 6. The man, who appears intoxicated in the video, repeatedly asked Irizarry if she was a citizen.

“First of all, the United States own Puerto Rico so we’re part of the United States,” Irizarry told the man.

As the man came closer to Irizarry, she called out for an officer to remove the man, stating that she had a permit to reserve the picnic area.

“Officer, officer, I feel highly uncomfortable,” Irizarry pleaded. “Can you please grab him?”

Despite Irizarry’s cries for help, the officer did not intervene, even after the man came so close to Irizarry that he took up her entire video screen. Eventually, a party guest arrived and told the man to step away from Irizarry, while the officer continued to simply watch.

According to a series of tweets by the Forest Preserves Department of Cook County, the officer in the video has been assigned to desk duty as they investigate the incident.

“The investigation is ongoing and the officer involved has been assigned to …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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