What Tim Cook said about Trump, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett

Apple CEO Tim Cook is no stranger to the spotlight and being close to the big names. But Cook opened up cautiously about his encounters with some of the planet’s most influential men, from the current president of the United States, the former richest man in the world, and Cook’s former boss.

In an interview with financier David Rubenstein for Bloomberg, Cook opened up about his experiences at Apple and beyond. The interview took place in May at Cook’s alma mater, Duke University. A small segment of the interview, on Cook’s conversation with Trump about trade tariffs, was broadcast last month.

Here are four key points Cook touched on in his 25-minute conversation:

1. Cook spoke to President Donald Trump directly about Dreamers, and says, “We are only one court ruling away from a catastrophic case.”

Cook has been an ardent supporter for Dreamers, the undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States at a young age and received special protection under an Obama-era executive order. Since Trump moved into the White House in 2017, Cook has repeatedly advocated for congressional action to extend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals order that protects more than 600,000 Dreamers from deportation.

Cook said to Rubenstein that he brought the issue directly to Trump. He advocated the “importance of fixing the Dreamer issue, now.” He added, “We are only one court ruling away from a catastrophic case,” which may be alluding to the lawsuit brought forth by Texas and six other states to end DACA in a federal district court in Texas.

The White House on Wednesday urged the district court to declare DACA illegal, according to NBC News. Considering two other federal judges ruled that DACA needs to stay, the legal disparity may set up a Supreme Court showdown in the near future, should the federal …read more

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